Flex & Flow – Mobility, Animal Flows and Flexibility Training

The human body can move in a variety of forms. What we mastered effortlessly as children, we often forgot over time. In our Flex & Flow class we playfully work on flexibility, coordination and body awareness, in order to get back to our natural movement patterns and potential.

Animal-like, powerful exercises and elements from yoga, martial arts and dance are combined to form a full-body workout – and a challenge for the mind. Flex & Flow is a stand-alone course or a great supplement to all other forms of training.


Animal Moves

Strong like a bear, fast like a cheetah and graceful like a gazelle. Moving like an animal requires a great deal of strength and coordination. The Animal Moves training with its original movement patterns is the workout for everyone who wants to improve their stability, mobility and flexibility.



Mobility, that is flexibility training, is a fundamental factor in all sports. Anyone who stretches dynamically during the warm-up, and statically after the training session, is doing the essentials right. In this course we specifically improve our mobility in order to avoid injuries and to improve our range of motion during training.


In a flow state, a state similar to a rush or ecstasy, we experience complete immersion in an activity. The harmonious interaction of body and mind produces feelings of happiness, we feel like we are in a trance.

In our Flex & Flow course, we practice connected and continuous movements, piece by piece. The cyclical and repetitive sequence of movements promotes immersion and absorption, which facilitate a state of flow.