Krafttraining Deluxe

Get Strong – The class to improve your strength and performance

This class is designed around increasing your personal strength level. We work intensely on strength and weight, and by using bar bells kettle bells as well as our own bodyweight (which can in turn be increased using extra weights), we don’t lose focus on mobility either

Every six weeks we start a new training course that gives you the opportunity to track your increase in performance from week to week.

For the Get Strong course you should already have mastered the basic techniques.


The back squat is often called the king of weightlifting exercises since it’s a fundamental, basic movement for strength athletes. A back squat places demands on and trains a lot of muscles such as the quadriceps, hamstring, gluteus and adductors.


Dips are a very effective chest and triceps exercise that starts with your own body and can be scaled up using extra weights.


This strengthens chest muscles, shoulders, the back, triceps, biceps, core and even your glutes. According to strength level you can add extra weight or raise your upper body to reduce the difficulty of the push up.


This exercise will take you to your limits and properly executed, deadlifting will make you muscles burns AND get your blood pumping.


The pull up is an exercise with which you lift your entire bodyweight. At a certain level of training you can use a weight belt with varying amounts of extra weight and to keep your training intense.


The thruster combines a front squat and overhead press into a particularly effective exercise that works the leg muscles as well as the shoulder girdle to a great extent.