Requirements are that you can lead the course in German and English and have experience as a Functional Training Coach. This means for us:

  • You have experience in strength training with weights (barbell and kettlebells) and bodyweight training
  • Technique, form and correction are your first priority
  • Fascia, trigger points, shoulder opening, hollow body and neutral spine are familiar terms to you
  • You are familiar with the concepts of Kelly Starrett (mobility/stability), Thomas Myers (myofascial pathways) etc.
  • You integrate mobility into your class planning, choose a warm-up that fits the workout and adapt the workout to different needs and fitness levels in the class
  • You can motivate the participants, have a positive and strong presence and choose the right music for the different sessions (warm up, workout, cool down)
  • You take over substitutions for your colleagues when needed. You can be sure that they will also help you.

On top:

  • You have training or license for (optional) : Olympic Weightlifting, Kettlebell Training, Calisthenics, Animal Flow


  • You will become a coach in Berlin’s No. 1 studio for functional training and thus part of our team of qualified, competent and highly motivated trainers*
  • Fair payment according to industry standard
  • Fixed, regular courses
  • Substitutions during vacation days
  • A positive working environment, where a friendly and respectful interaction with each other is natural
  • You can use the gym at any time (by arrangement) for your own training and participate in all courses for free
  • Free participation in seminars
  • Exchange with the coaches and the studio management about course content and course design
  • An open ear for input and proactive suggestions


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