Questions and answers – Credits? Password? Trial training? Prices?

How do the registration system and credits work?

In order to provide you with individual and personal attention, our courses are limited to a maximum of 12 participants (16 in the “Get Lean workout) per course. This is only possible through a registration system. The credits in this system serve to distribute the course participants evenly among the individual courses. Depending on the membership contract, you have a certain number of credits available each month with which you can register for the courses. The credits thus represent a commodity, which makes the registration mostly binding. This way we can prevent that courses are fully booked but not completely occupied. You can cancel any booking up to 90 minutes before the course for free, so you will always get your credit back.

30 Minute course= 1 Credit
60 Minute course= 2 Credits
90 Minute course= 3 Credits

How do the Coins work?

In order to receive a UG Coin you must have been to training at least 9 times in a month and you must not have made any mistake when signing in or out of your courses. This means that if you have booked a class, you must show up and we log you in at the entrance on the tablet. If you can’t come, you must sign out in time (up to 90 minutes before the course starts). Otherwise, you will lose your credit AND the chance to receive a coin that month. Every month the counting starts again and you have the chance to get everything right!
1 Coin = 1 Extracredit OR 1 Lacrosseball
4 Coins = UG Sweatpants
5 Coins = UG Hoodie

How can I change my password?

Just enter your password incorrectly once and you will automatically receive an email with a link to set your individual password.

How can I register for a trial training?

Just call us directly – 0176 417 33 893 use the contact form under the menu item “Contact” or go to the page “Trial Training”.

We will then tell you which dates are still available and arrange everything so that it suits you best.

What do I have to bring to the training?

The most important thing you should bring is sportswear that you can move well in. Two towels are also very useful and you will need a drink anyway. You can also get water and coconut water from us.

By the way, we train barefoot, so you don’t need sports shoes.

Do you have showers?

Of course we do.

Are there any restrictions for newcomers who want to train with the UGs?

The only definite restriction is age. For legal reasons, “Urban Gladiators” does not accept members under the age of 16. Young people between the ages of 16 – 18 are allowed to train with us with written permission from their parents.

Otherwise there is nothing that should stop you from doing a trial training. There we will lay the foundation for the way to your personal goals. The trainers cater to all participants and guide them specifically through their first Urban Gladiators experience.

Why the “high” price?

Compared to the big gym chains, our price seems high at first glance, but what do they offer athletes that they really need for a good workout? Basically just a roof over your head and the equipment, because you certainly don’t need a TV, a reading corner and a bar for a good workout! There is no coaching for proper exercise execution, no sensible training plan (at most a standard plan for everyone), there is a lack of variety in the training and to top it all off you have to stand in line all the time at the machines or look for the dumbbells.

You don’t have this problem with Urban Gladiators!

Every training session is led by a professional who surprises you every day and every class with a new workout, gives you constant help and correction, pushes you to your best and is always available for advice and questions. You train in small groups and can thus take advantage of the motivation that comes from both competition and togetherness, and at the end of each session you get a small regeneration program that helps you to be ready for another round faster.

Is it possible to negotiate the price?

There is no price negotiation. Since we do not negotiate our performance, but are always 100% there for you, we ask you to accept our conditions directly, and not to try to negotiate them.