Prices – Credits – Memberships

One individual mobility assessment with headcoach Benny is included in your 60€ registration fee.

contract period 12 months 3 months 1 month
2 Credits*/week: 80 €/month 100 €/month 110 €/month
3 Credits*/week: 85 €/month 105 €/month 115 €/month
4 Credits*/week: 90 €/month 110 €/month 120 €/month

Each extra credit per week costs an additional 5 €/month for all contract periods.

Creditcard 10

10 Credits*, valid 6 months 150€

other offers
Trial class 1 class with previous appointment 10€
Single Class 1 Class + Sauna (on Sauna-Days, check our schedule) 25€
 Personal Training  60 min  90€
 Personal Training 10x package  60 min  83€ /Std


  • In order to give you individual and personal care, most of our classes are limited to a maximum of 12 persons per session. In order implement this we have to use a registration system.
  • Depending on your membership you will have from two to eight credits each week with which you can sign up for classes.
  • The credits are basically a currency that makes each sign up more or less binding.
  • Except for the classes at so-called “primetime” which cost two credits each, the other classes cost one credit (Primetime is Monday 18.35-19.50, Tuesday 18:05 – 19:20, Wednesday 17:50 – 19:05 and Friday 17:30 – 18:45.)
  • The “primtime rule” helps us distribute the bookings more evenly across the evening sessions, so that more athletes have the possibility to work out in the evening. The two credit classes also last 75 minutes, 15 minutes longer than the one credit classes.
  • You can cancel all books up to 90 minutes before each class and get your credit(s) back.