It all starts in my head

Having grown up enthusiastic about sports and adventurous, I emulated childhood heroes, tried out all kinds of sports and won my first school race at the age of six. Through further school runs and cross-country races, and via the Bundesjugendspiele, I finally came to athletics and to my first competitions at the national level.

With high school I came to acrobatics and martial arts and thus also to the Asian martial philosophy of life and getting to know the “real me” in and through sports.

Various freerunning and martial arts workshops and competitions of all kinds offered me more and more opportunities to push myself.

With my internship at Atlantis gym I came to fitness and my subject for my sports baccalaureate.

After school I did an internship as a physical education teacher at my old elementary school and then started to study sports and applied training sciences at the H:G Berlin. Through first term papers and various sports like pole dancing completely immersed in the world of elegance, strength and optics I was intensively involved with weight training, bodybuilding and the appropriate diet.

After a few years of low carb and Paleo baking and cooking, supplementation and well-planned workouts, friends and acquaintances started asking me questions about it and I helped integrate sports as well as conscious nutrition into their daily lives.

Arrived in the fifth semester it was called practice and I landed here, at Urban Gladiators and stayed right here ☺.