Calisthenics - Krafttraining


Many people have heard of exercises like the Human Flag, the Back and Front Lever or the Muscle Up. This course teaches these primarily gymnastic skills in stages. Every session has a small “daily routine,” a bodyweight workout that improves primarily your maximum and sub-maximum strength potential! It targets in a large part the torso and its connected joint systems.

Skin The Cat

The 360-degree turn also called Skin the Cat is used to build flexibility and strength for the front lever among other exercises. This exercise requires very good mobility and a lot of shoulder and arm strength.


The L-Sit demands good arm and shoulder strength, but also good body tension and flexibility. Ideally the hips are exactly between the arms and bent 90 degrees.

Archer Pull-Up

The Archer Pull Up is more demanding than the “normal,” broad grip pull up and places unusually high demands on the latissimus. A perfect way to challenge yourself and encourage muscle growth!