My enthusiasm for acrobatics and sports was sparked by my first visit to the circus when I was 13. It was absolutely fascinating for me to see what the human body is capable of if you only train it properly. I also wanted to become active!

Initially, my sporting start began with skateboarding with my brother, to tricking, then ballet and athletics. Then, at 17, I became a member of the children’s and youth circus, where I gained my first experience in the ring. But I wanted more.

So, at 19, I moved to Berlin with the goal of becoming an acrobat. Here I was accepted by the sports community Movision Movement. In these first years I was allowed to participate as an acrobat as well as a costume designer and organizer at the Holi Festivals and many other festivals and variety events. At Movision, the focus was always very much on strength gain, as well as unconventional training methods that intertwine mobility-focused. Here I was also able to gain my first experience as a trainer.

At the same time I started to offer sports courses in the Bundestag, with the focus on mobility and muscle building. I focused all my free time on my personal training and goals in aerial acrobatics and intensified my training tremendously in 2018. Over the years I kept participating in a wide variety of workshops and private training sessions with selected coaches and eventually, after my own Teacher Training, started teaching aerial acrobatics classes as well, both for adults and children.

In December 2021 I had my debut performance as an aerialist and am constantly working on new concepts and routines to perform.


  • Aerial acrobatics (air ring,vertical rope, silks & hammock)
  • Mobility and flexibility
  • General strength and mobility training


  • Teacher Training for Silks & Rope
  • Several internal sports trainings through McFit
  • Numerous workshops with focus on aerial acrobatics, dance & mobility
  • Workshops for the safe attachment of aerial acrobatics equipment (rigging)