Even as a young boy, my urge to move was enormous and there was no escaping the obvious nickname “Zappel-Philipp”. I discovered club sports and played soccer with great passion at first and later switched to basketball. At the same time, I kept trying out all kinds of trendy sports.
Motivated to improve my athletic skills, I not only stayed on the football field for hours in the afternoon, but also diligently counted my repetitions of pull-ups and push-ups after supper. The ability to constantly increase my skills and strength out of my own will inspires and motivates me to this day!

At the age of 16, I immediately wanted to go to the gym, where I discovered a mixture of strength training and calisthenics for myself. To this day, these two sports are central to my own training. In search of new challenges, I practiced Freeletics for a while, ended up juggling due to injury, and now also practice yoga and breathing techniques.

For me, sport means to face physical and mental challenges on my own, in an attempt to strengthen our fascinating bodies and to meet myself in the process. Due to our modernized everyday life, a healthy and deep relationship with our own body is more important than ever. I wish for everyone to be able to face life’s challenges with vitality and confidence, and I believe that exercise, nutrition and mindfulness provide the foundation for this. Behavioral protocols or supplements offer an interesting way to complement this, which I like to explore in self-experimentation.
Sharing my knowledge, motivation and very personal experience in this regard is a real fulfillment for me!

My love for sports and health has always been central to my life and so in 2016, despite having completed my bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering, I decided to pursue a career as a fitness trainer. Since 2020, this is accompanied by the study of sports science at Humboldt University.


  • Fitness trainer A & B license
  • Group fitness trainer B license
  • prospective study of sports science


  • Calisthenics
  • Krafttraining
  • HIIT Training
  • Handstand
  • Mobility