As long as I can remember, exercise was always a central part of my everyday life. As soon as my homework was done, I went outside until sunset to play in the playground. When I was 11 years old, I discovered my passion for skateboarding. I realized for the first time that sweat, patience and hard work always pay off in the end and that you can achieve your goals this way.

Via detours I ended up in the gym at the age of 15 and trained there for the next three years until exhaustion. My first contact with climbing followed at the age of 18; in the process, I had to realize that strength training in the gym only minimally improved my climbing performance. Correct technique and climbing-specific strength training were much more decisive. My training therefore changed more and more in the direction of functionality, i.e. adapted to the form of movement that was my focus at the time.

At the age of 20, I discovered acrobatics, initially in the form of AcroYoga ( For me, this was the first type of movement in which mobility played a decisive role in being able to perform the basic movements technically correctly at all and gave me the necessary motivation to attend my first yoga class. Yoga was an essential factor in bringing the training to a psychological level as well, turning the gaze inward and thus becoming more aware of my own body. This still helps me today in the prevention as well as rehabilitation of injuries.

All these experiences paved the way for my studies at the German Sport University in Cologne. During my studies I was able to get to know a variety of other sports as well as build up a sound knowledge in the areas of functional anatomy, training methodology and didactics.

I am always open to trying out new forms of exercise, adapting old training concepts or exchanging them for new ones. It gives me great pleasure to pass on the knowledge I have acquired and the experience I have gained. In this way, I hope to motivate others to find their own way in the great universe of movement and to help people realize their own goals and visions.

Completed sports studies at the Sport University Cologne
Hatha Yoga training in India
Numerous workshops in the areas of strength & mobility, acrobatics and climbing

General strength and mobility training
Gymnastic strength and mobility training
Handstand and hand balance
Partner acrobatics
Climbing technique
Yoga – Asana (physical exercises)