Since my childhood, I have been able to gain a lot of experience in martial arts and later also in the fitness sector, realizing early on that physical performance and physical well-being can best be achieved through holistic and versatile training. Motor and coordination skills play a role that was just as important as fitness. This quickly developed into a way of life for me in which the balance of body, mind and soul is in the foreground.

Through various trainer courses in fitness, gymnastics, swimming and winter sports, and finally through my training as a sports teacher, I am now able to pass on this attitude towards life to my fellow human beings with enthusiasm.
Through an individual and targeted training management I help them to achieve long-term health, versatile performance, recovery and well-being.

Functional training (linking of versatile muscle work)
Holistic training (versatile performance)
Whole body training
Endurance training with music
Running training
Mobility training
Coordination training
Bodyshaping (abdomen, legs, buttocks and whole body)
Competition preparation
Nutritional counseling
Outdoor training
Boxing and martial arts fitness

Main focus
Endurance training
Strength and strength endurance, quickness and speed training
Training of coordinative skills
Back and abdominal muscle training
Stabilization of health
Weight and fat reduction
toning / body forming
sport specific training
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