Beginner - GetTheMove

Lerne die wichtigsten Techniken des
funktionellen Trainings kennen!

Functional Training

Für Fortgeschrittene: GetFit, GetStrong,
GetLean, Du hast die Wahl!


WOD - Workout of the Day
Das schweißtreibende Workout mit


Unsere Angebote für mehr
Beweglichkeit: Primärprävention,
Physiotherapie, Massage!


Human Flag, Back-und Front-Lever oder Muscle-Up,
Dein Workout mit Deinem Körpergewicht!

Balance, Breath, Stretch

Yoga - Die Perfektionierung Deines
funktionellen Trainings!


Our Concept: Functional Training, Fun and Exceptional Coaching

Urban Gladiators grew out of the desire to create a training paradigm that combines exclusively natural and functional movements. Essentially, we wanted to re-instill fitness’ lost everyday applicability.

Drawing on various athletic disciplines including martial arts, gymnastics, track and field as well as exercises specifically taken from functional training, we developed a training program that allows the amateur athlete to greatly improve their performance without risking overloading.

Alongside achievement, we put fun front and center. The group, team effort, good music, and a friendly atmosphere are all important for athletic motivation. For this reason we work in small and manageable groups of at most 12 people. This creates a personal feel and lets us provide a high level of individual care.

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