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We doubled our credits! Read below for further explanation:

Since we will be offering longer courses, we will need to make some changes to our current credit system to keep the „payment“ for the courses appropriate and fair:

Starting May 20th, all regular one-hour courses will cost 2 credits and all half-hour courses will cost 1 credit. We are changing this, because until now these 1/2 h open classes after AcroYoga and Aerial Silks had the same price (1 credit) as 1 h long class, which wasn´t a fair pricing for participants. So we will double the credit amount you had until now (i.e. 13 credits → 26 credits) so that you can keep participating in your favorite courses as usual.

If you want to add and 1/2 h class to your training plan (or have more credits in general) please write us a mail to upgrade your account.
1 weekly extra credit will cost 5 € per month.
2 weekly extra credits will cost 10 € per month.

From May 19th:

– Cali Special course on fridays will be extended by 30 minutes (6 – 7:30 PM).

From now on the Cali Special on Friday will always be Press to Handstand and the Class on Saturday will always be handstand.

For anyone who is interested in Human flag can just talk to our trainer Johannes (Saturday) because he always has a workout plan for that skill as well!
The other two Calisthenics Skills (Skin the Cat/Muscle Up) will rotate on Sunday (11am) and Tuesday (6pm).

Acroyoga will then take place from 7:45-8:45 PM and the subsequent Acroyoga Open (AY-Open) from 8:45 – 9:15 PM.

For Acroyoga it is optional whether you book the 30 minutes of the AY-Open or just do the normal Acroyoga class. The Handstand class on Friday can only be booked in full length (90 minutes).

From May 20th:

Handstand course on Saturday will be extended by half an hour, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM. This means the Get Lean course will start at 12:00 PM.
– Aerial Silks class will be split into two levels. Level 2 will be offered from 1:30 – 2:30 PM and Level 1 from 2:45 – 3:45 PM.

May 28th:

The Gladiators are doing a special holiday workout on sunday, the 28th of May. It will last from 9-11 am and afterwards we will head to the carnival here in Kreuzberg and everyone that is interested in joining is definetely welcome to go there with us!
Book your spot over the website! We also adressed this in the latest Newsletter, if you want to take a look into that 😊

May 30th/31st

The classes „Get Strong“ on Tuesday May 30th and „Get Lean“ on Wednesday the 31st at 5pm will be cancelled due to an extern training course done by Benny in the Gym.

From June 5th:

– Flex&Flow as well as a BJJ class on Monday evenings: A one-hour long workout starting at 8 PM on Mondays, covering a thoroughly unit of stretching and mobilty combined into bodyweight movements on all fours (the workout will be close to i.e animal flow). From 9 – 9:30 PM anyone who is interested can stay and do BJJ. Whoever is interested in joining the BJJ workout should participate in the flex and flow class because it will include the basics of this martial arts movements and prepare the following practice.

June 6th-9th

The classes „Get strong“ on Tuesday June 6th, „Get Lean“ on Wednesday June 7th and the class „Get Fit“ on June 8th at pm will also be cancelled due to a training course done by Benny. On June 9th the „Get Fit“ Class at 4pm will be cancelled and the courses in the morning will be from 7am-8am „Get Lean“ and 8am-9am „Get Fit“.