Yoga - Kräftigung und Dehnung

Yoga – Asthanga Yoga Courses

Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic and strong form of yoga, a physically demanding discipline in which you perform different series of increasingly difficult movements.

Every position (Asana) is connected to the next via a connecting movement (Vinyasa) which creates a powerful and graceful practice. Mental and physical well being follow from this, which in turn lead to inner peace and equilibrium.

The focus is on the invigoration and stretching of musculature, the positioning of joints, directed breathing and concentration on the ideal performance of the exercise as well as on mental strength.

The combination of peacefully directed strength and developed flexibility make Ashtanga Yoga especially interesting for perfecting functional training.


Standing positions place particular demands on your balance and coordination. Alternative forms add variety and bring improvement.

Balance exercise also work exceptionally well to return you to inner equilibrium after stress and exhaustion.


Guided breathing is an integral part of Yoga practice. It is the essence that helps us set our body’s energies flowing and to control them. It also influences our physical, mental and emotional state greatly. Breathing even guides our inner and out perception and increases consciousness.


Regular stretching helps preserve the performance of muscles and joints. The positive physical and psychic effect of yoga exercises is undisputed. Unlike in other athletic activities, stretching is about finding optimal not maximal flexibility.