CrossTraining means a continually changing, highly intense, functional training!

Combining different focal points like strength, strength-endurance and stamina into one work out, delivering a particularly exciting training! We look on CrossTraining as an optimal addition to our goal-oriented courses.

The Workout of the Day (WOD) stands at the center of the cross training program. The workout is built either around the “AMRAP”-Principle (As Many Rounds As Possible) i.e. completing a certain exercise circuit as often as possible in a set time or “For Time” i.e. completing a set workout as quickly as possible. This sweat-inducing and competitive workout draws on exercises and drills from gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting and various endurance sports.

The 3 Elements of Cross Training


Weightlifting is concerned with lifts from the discipline of Olympic weightlifting.

Weightlifting Content


As a counterbalance to weightlifting we concern ourselves here with our own bodyweight.

Gymnastics Content

Metabolic Conditioning

Metabolic conditioning is about short but demanding stamina drills, some weighted, some not.

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