Pursuing a career in sports is something wonderful, and I am happy to have worked my way into it. My previous studies in Media and Cultural Studies (M.A. degree in 2013) perfectly complement my current role as a manager at Urban Gladiators.

During my studies, I discovered my passion for intensive movement and physical fitness. Initially, I acquired knowledge about functional training through textbooks, videos, and magazines. In 2018, I obtained the “Fitness and Health” trainer license from the State Sports Association and simultaneously received personal coaching and further training at Urban Gladiators. Today, I am the Deputy General Manager, Gym Manager, and Trainer.

Exercise brings balance to both body and mind. Intensive training gives me daily positive energy, feelings of happiness, and keeps me healthy. Additionally, I have improved body awareness and strengthened self-confidence. I want to share these insights with others.

I want to show you that physical activity can start anytime and at any fitness level. I help you identify your personal strengths and weaknesses, correct imbalances, and bring the entire musculoskeletal system into functional harmony. My training concept is based on athletic training, with a focus on endurance, strength endurance, and stabilization training.

You can always talk to me. I lead the gym and my courses with an open and positive attitude towards everyone. New ideas and constructive feedback are always welcome.


  • Management and Team Lead
  • Acquisition, Marketing, and Contact for all inquiries
  • Functional Training (training complex movement sequences and patterns)
  • Fascial Release
  • Mobility and Stability Training
  • Strength Training
  • Strength Endurance Training
  • Group Training and Personal Training


  • German Sports Academy, A – Liz. Functional Fitness Trainer
  • Landessportbund Berlin, Liz. Fitness and Health
  • Berlin Weightlifting Association, Liz. Olympic Weightlifting