Igor Huerta Garcia

I’ve always been enthusiastic about fitness and in my younger years I discovered a passion for rugby. In my native Paraguay I played twice on the national team and in Europe I’ve been a semipro in a number of countries. My development as a coach began as a trainer for children’s rugby and later as official rugby fitness trailer for the Berliner Rugby Club.

In the course of my rugby career I had the opportunity to learn the best techniques for the improvement of stamina, power and coordination from trainers in many countries.

Along with training in teaching and creativity, I specialized in weightlifting and CrossFit Gymnastics.

I was an active CrossFit athlete for three years and took part in two European Qualifiers.

training plans are 100% goal-oriented, prevent overload, and my specific training guidance and varying methods help enable fast and successful development.


Fitness Trainer, A License

Fitness Trainer, B License

CrossFit Trainer Level 1 Certificate

CrossFit Football Certificate

Rugby Coach IRB Certificate

18 Years Experience as fitness trainer

16 Years as a semi-pro rugby player

Professional Coach for personal training tactics

3 years as an Amateur CrossFit Athlete

Rugby player in the German national league 2014

Specialty Areas

Professional Training Programs for:

Marathon, Tennis, Golf, Hockey, Rugby, Soccer and Handball

Training performance Maximization in Strength, Power, Agility, coordination and precision

Stabilization and Strengthening of the back via functional, dynamic and holistic training


(for non professional athletes and beginners)

Stabilization of the Back and improvement of the posture

Strengthening of the body’s center

General Fitness

Flexibility Training

Coordination Training

Body Shaping (Stomach, Legs, Butt, Full Body)

Maximum Strength and muscle building

Fat burning


German, English, Spanish, Portuguese